Storage Tanks

UST and AST Program

Eidyia along with a top A Rated Environmental Insurance carriers have developed a great UST programs developed to provide Pollution Liability coverage for UST's (Underground Storage Tanks) containing petroleum and petroleum related products. These policies meet the requirements for the insured to receive an EPA Certificate of Insurance, provided they maintain compliance. Coverage is on a claims made basis with Limits up to $2,000,000.
Eidyia has access to many national UST programs both admitted and non-admitted. Your complete submissions will get you quotes within 48 hours of submission, and many will get quotes the same day. For Agents and Brokers, this saves you time and money.

Premium and Limits:

• Premiums begin at $500
• Deductible plans starting at $5,000
• Limits are available up to $2,000,000
• Additional capacity may be available

Potential Insurable Categories:

• Petroleum Marketers
• Service Stations
• Colleges & Universities
• Hospitals and other Medical Facilities
• Trucking & Distributing Operations
• Fuel Distribution Fleet Facilities and Garages
• Any Underground Tank Owner/Operators

Submission Guidelines:

• Complete the Insurance Application for UST's
• Complete the Online Underground tank Data Sheet for "all" UST's

Supplemental Data Submission for UST's:

• Copies of the most recent Tank/Line Testing or Subsurface Assessments performed for each Site
• Most recent Year End Financial Statement
• Complete loss history for UST’s (minimum 3 to 5 years)

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