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Here at Eidyia Insurance Services we do our best to find competitive quotes that pay great commissions, and our General Contractors Liability is no exception.

Contractor general liability insurance goes by many different names, but serves the one purpose of providing coverage that fits a specific need. Here are some common types of coverage:
General Contractor Insurance - General contractors take the lead on construction projects, making them the prime target should something go wrong. Holding a general contractor liability insurance policy is a critical part of being a responsible party, and is mandatory if they wish to be awarded construction contracts.

Subcontractor Insurance - Subcontractor liability insurance is no different than general contractors liability insurance, in that it provides coverage for construction professionals. Subcontractors cannot rely on piggybacking on the general contractor's policy, so they need to have, and are often times contractually required to carry, their own policy.

Electrical Contractor Insurance - Electricians are responsible for properly wiring residential and commercial buildings, where the margin of error is slim and the liability potential great. Carrying the right coverage is vital, and a requirement in order to be able to work in this industry.

Handyman Insurance - Handymen might not be licensed contractors, but are still responsible for doing all sorts of smaller, residential construction projects. This means their liability exposure can be great, necessitating a handyman insurance policy that provides the liability and property protection they desperately need.

Optional Coverage's:

Surety Bonds - As a contractor, you are often times required to have a surety bond to ensure you perform, per the contractual requirements. If you fail to perform, then the surety bond provider will make a payout to your client, covering their financial losses up to the bond limit.

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